The Saturn VUE- protection from anal rape by psychotic hillbillies.

Saw the funniest commercial during the Eagles/Bucs game. I haven't found the commercial online yet, but I'll link it once I do. The symnopsis: four guys get out of their Saturn Vue and start setting up their tent for a night of camping. Suddenly they hear the Dueling Banjo music and everyone panics, tosses everything in the SUV, jumps into the Vue and bounces. Now you probably won't get it unless you have read the book, Deliverance. In the book, or movie adaptation, these four guys go out into the nature for a camping, rowing trip. Throughout the course of the book, they hear the banjo music and at one point one of them gets sodomized by these crazy rednecks. Here's a review/complaint by someone else that understood the commercial.