The price of excellence is discipline.
The cost of mediocrity is disappointment.

Discipline... what a concept huh? Too bad it's foreign to so many people. I can't say I'm the most disciplined person in the world, especially when it comes to academics, but in terms of just living life some people I know need a wake up call. Faced with the slightest hardship, so many are willing to give up, convincing themselves that they can't handle it so it can't be done. Whatever happened to mind over matter? It's all mental... no matter how hard you are having it now, you should know that others have had it worst.

I would say that some people are ignorant, would you believe someone who has less than 8% body fat, can drop an additional 20lbs. in one day and still win a gold medal olympic match? Then there's Karelin, some people would pass out from reading his training regimen. He was undefeated since 1987, not only was he undefeated, since 1993 he had no points scored on him. Can't be beaten right? Wrong, in the 2000 Olympics, Gardner an unknown wrestler on the international level beat him (sorry, if these examples revolve around wrestling, if anyone has any examples of people overcoming mental obstacles let me know).

Some of the people I admire the most, are those that have gone through life overcoming one obstacle over another but treat it as a way of life. Some of the people that anger me the most, are those that haven't, and yet they talk as if every little thing they've done should receive praise. For a few certain individuals out there, have the discipline to block out the hardships, focus on the goal and to believe that you can achieve. My vaulting coach had this terrible habit of adding the word 'yet' to my sentences. Everytime I told him, I couldn't jump this or do that, he would just add 'yet' to the end of my sentences. Check this guy out: Joe Eigo. Pretty amazing huh? Jackie Chan watch out! For all you ladies, he's got his phone number up hahah. Anyway, yeah I just can't do what he's able to do 'yet' ;D.

Happenings since the last post:

The wireless network in my studio is terrible. I was hoping to make up for it with the Orinoco Gold card, but even that has been giving me problems. I'm thinking about borrowing Zan's antenna to boost the signal. I had the laptop for a day and already, I broke a piece off. I was attaching the cable lock to the side of the laptop and broke this plastic piece off. Terrible design, but no biggie, I'm just going to break off the other half of that piece.