I miss... the late night outings to Wendy's or BK for their $0.99 menu after the poetry readings, the afternoons at Winners chowing down on ojingoh chigae with the bros., the early morning DA shifts with Chewy ignoring me on AIM, walking into my suite to find Hype sleeping on the floor with one shoe on (what a bum), bitching at Playskool for grabbing food without me (yet again!)...

OMFG who comes up to you and asks M3 or Boxster S? Who!? A line brother that's what! Dyam, still early in the game, but it looks like Tomagachi might be getting a sweet ass ride soon! I so hate him... him and Crouching Tiger (Rutgers CC) =D

People always wonder about the life of an archy, how do you guys go without sleep they would always ask. Here's the answer, a more concrete example of our power nap system

I'm here eating an Oatmeal cookie, baked by the good people of Nabisco headquartered at the town over in East Hanover. Pausing the movie The Net for a second to type this, how many of you out there like cookies? Soft and chewy or hard and crunchy? Had an interesting coversation with Ashok (archy from Singapore) once. Having grown up in a different environment/culture he told me that Singaporeans tend to like the hard and crunchy cookies because soft and chewy cookies usually means that they are old and have been sitting out in the sun too long. Compare that to my personal preference of soft cookies I was a little surprised, can't stand the crumbs... present me with some hard cookies and I'll no doubt ask for milk to soggy them up a bit. Same goes for cereal... hate hard cereal, I have to let it sit in the bowl for a bit.

Back to the movie The Net, the cell phones and laptops they used in that movie bothered me so much, had no idea that movie was so old. Aside from that the movie was a pain to sit through, but I have no other choice, my movie collection has been ransacked by brothers and my siblings, it's down to half its size...

update: 10.15.02