"Endurance is one of the most difficult disciplines, but it is to the one who endures that the final victory comes."

In a few hours, at the crack of dawn, I will be leaving home and heading back to CMU. It's been one long boring week, now back to work!

Matrix Reloaded posters, pretty cool stuff, I like Keanu's outfit, and the twins look pretty freaking cool. Damn is it too early to get excited about the movie? Teasers been up for a month now, go check it out at the site.

X-Men 2, on the subject of movies, here's a whole collection of photos of the sequel. A little too much IMHO, gives a lot of the story away.

BMW has introduced the world's first 'easter egg' in a car. Only applies to the SMG M3 though. Tomagachi you reading this!?

Birds of Prey, no, not the show. This one is actually a recently declassified Black-Ops aircraft.

Why Not a 40mpg SUV?, an article describing technology that could lead to a 40mpg SUV in the future.

Game Development a la Mod, an article on hacker Minh Le, the creator of Counter-Strike for all you CS heads out there.

33 days 8 campuses 127 kids and an infinity of gizmos, as you know, the nerds of CMU made a big splash on this reporter. A quote from the rather lengthy article
"a phenomenon known as "zmap, finger, Google, stalk" --in which a guy sees a woman at a computer, taps into a Carnegie program called zmap to get her user ID, runs the Unix finger command to get her name, calls up a Google search to find out all he can about her, and then starts badgering away."
That's pretty sad, anyone reading think it's sad? Why would you want to pick up a girl in a computer cluster of all things? And zmap? First time I've heard of that resource, guess I missed out on a lot by not taking CSW huh?

update: 1830 hours
Just got my cell bill, freaking $267.34! Fortunately there was an error of $77.64, so I only owe $189.70. Damn when it rains, it just pours. Think I'll be upgrading my plan now... extra $6.99 a month for unlimited nights.

update: 10.19.02
LOL, this is too good, check the image below, Tomo and I were looking through some sites to find some canes so we can walk in style after these 'human strut bars' are no longer needed. I think I'll be going for that one, it's called a seat cane.