"The direction in which we are going
Is more important than where we are."

Having all this time forced upon me has given me a chance to catch up on some reading... so to share my newfound knowledge with you all, here's a quick information session on South Korea. Whereas the Dragon also known as China is still seen as the next world power to follow after the United States, South Korea has been in the lead ever since the Asian Financial Crisis in 1997. Although consumer sentiment has weakened for the third straight month, South Korea has largely overtaken Japan as one of the strongest nations in Asia. As a nation Korean entertainment such as film and music remains popular in many areas of Asia, their economy is doing well behind such well known brands as Samsung and LG, their soccer team did extremely well during the World Cup (Dae Han Min Guk! Clap clap! Clap Clap! Clap!) and it's technological infrastructure (with China following close behind) is amazing putting the United States and European countries to shame. Perhaps next summer I should plan a trip to Seoul...

update: 10.14.02